The new 868 MHz radio module for wireless M-Bus and OMS applications

In cooperation with EBV Elektronik as distributor, WEPTECH elektronik implements the currently smallest OMS radio module.

The smallest possible design, with a form factor of 14,5 mm x 13,4 mm, allows a space-saving integration. Due to the new technology, where the pads are assembled on the bottom, all the interfaces of the processor are fed out.

The radio module contains a complete OMS stack to OMS 3.X or 4.X specification.

Thereby applications for various meters can be added easily. In-depth knowledge of the OMS specification is not necessary. For the realization of the Maia radio module, WEPTECH elektronik took over the overall development of the software- and hardware and also manufactures the module. Due to comprehensive know how in electronic design and manufacturing technology, the currently smallest possible OMS wireless module originates from Landau in the southern Pfalz, Germany.

The 868MHz radio module is suitable for automatic SMT assembly and available in both trays and Tape & Reel.

In cooperation with EBV Elektronik

EBV - Elektronik
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  • Software & hardware development
  • Carrier board design
  • Assembly (Prototype to Series)
  • Antenna technology
  • Certification

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  • Small size 14,5 mm x 13,4 mm for SMD mounting
  • 1.8 – 3.8 V supply voltage, ultra low power modes
  • Low power down to 0.27uA
  • Completely shielded
  • Output power: +12dBm

Phoenix-W radio module
better rf performance with less current consumption

Have a look at our new wireless M-Bus radio module PHOENIX-W. It’s the successor module of MAIA. We use it in many other metering adapters which we develop and produce for other companies. PHOENIX-W is fully compatible to MAIA but with a better rf performance and a better current consumption.


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Development Kit available
The easy way to start your connection

Development Kit MAIA

Our development kit contains:

  • 1 development board with SMA antenna connector
  • 1 development board with no antenna connector
  • 1 programming / debugging adapter ST-Link/v2
  • 1 868MHz antenna with SMA connector
  • 1 868MHz antenna with U.Fl connector
  • 2 USB cable
  • 2 additional MAIA radio modules

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For further details and technical specifications please refer to the datasheet.


You can download the manual with all information about our radio module here. Ask for password.

OMS Pre Certification

A list of the tests performed and details on the test results can be found in this test report.

What else can we do for you?

We support you integrate our radio module into your application:

  • Software & hardware development
    Because quality is already starting with design, we offer you individual software and production-optimized circuit board design, so that you have a solid start with your product.
  • Carrier board design
    Do you already have a suitable carrier board as the basis for our radio module?
  • Assembly (Prototype to Series)
    Are you still looking for a reliable EMS partner for the electronics manufacturing of your product?
  • Antenna technology
    You are looking for a professional who optimizes the wireless range of your product?
  • Certification
    We also advise and support you in the certification of your radio products.

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