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Behind the scenes
Technologie-Netzwerk Südpfalz

People, Technology, South Palatinate - A video portrait of WEPTECH elektronik GmbH.

In cooperation with the   Technologie-Netzwerk Südpfalz we shot a video to visualize who we are and what we do: exciting technologies, future markets, electronics development and manufacturing in the field of digitization and Industry 4.0, systems for wireless communication as well as antenna development and measurement.

We will take you on a journey through WEPTECH elektronik GmbH and show you how much potential there is in technical training and professions.

behind the scenes - WEPTECH GmbH

WEPTECH elektronik
Your partner in Engineering and EMS

WEPTECH elektronik is specialized in wireless technologies and provides E²MS services for the development and production of predominantly radio assemblies and systems (E²MS - Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing Services).

Our core competencies cover the fields of Smart Metering, networking of objects in the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 via wireless protocols such as wireless M-Bus with Open Metering System (OMS), Thread, NB-IoT and mioty®.

As an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) we develop and manufacture devices and assemblies for well-known and globally operating companies from various industries.

WEPTECH develops and sells its own products exclusively based on the latest technologies OMS/wM-Bus, NB-IoT, Thread and mioty®.

Strictly according to IPC guidelines, we manufacture and test on 3.500m² electronic assemblies and devices for industrial electronics, building technology, medical technology, avionics and for machine vision.

In December 2018, WEPTECH was the first company to be approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the production of Smart Meter Gateways with protection profile in accordance with the Common Criteria EAL4+.

WEPTECH is a member of the executive board of the OMS Group, a Full-Member of the mioty® alliance as well as a member of the German Fachverband Elektronik-Design (FED e.V.).

WEPTECH elektronik

Engineering & Manufacturing Services
Full Service Package

We see ourselves as an EMS provider and a full-service partner for our customers. You can choose if you only want to use our Manufacturing Services or also our Engineering Services.

Hardware & Software development

In electronics development, WEPTECH works strictly according to the IPC guidelines. This guarantees you excellent quality, reliability and durability of the assemblies used in your product.

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Antenna & housing design

WEPTECH offers its partners the implementation of antenna design, system integration and prototype production all the way to RED certification from a single source.

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Electronics Manufacturing Services

We are a member of the Electronic Design Association (FED e.V.) and work according to IPB guidelines. The IPC standards are applied both nationally and internationally.

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Test & Assembling

In order to always supply fully functional assemblies and to find and correct any errors as early as possible, we use various proven test systems. In addition, we offer the individual development of test sequences ans systems.

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WEPTECH wireless technologies

We have succeeded for years by offering our costumers individual wireless solutions. Therefore we have know-how in a wide range of technologies.

WEPTECH wireless solutions

In order to make optimum use of human and technical resources, WEPTECH now offers its own wireless products.

radio modules

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communication adapter
wireless M-Bus

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The wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) is the radio-based variant (standardized in the EU standard EN 13757-4 ) of the Meter-Bus and is ideally suited for battery-operated devices, especially for the remote readability of consumption meters in accordance with the OMS specification.

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mioty® is a wireless LPWAN technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS with the ability to query a large number of Internet-of-Things nodes over long ranges. Thanks to Telegram Splitting Multiple Access, it transmits sensor data over long distances in an energy-efficient and reliable manner. mioty® is ETSI standard-compliant.

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Gas meter adapter

As a solution provider in the smart metering market, Weptech has developed new gas meter adapters for different gas meters together with meter companies. The radio connection is made with OMS over wM-Bus/ OMS over mioty®; in the wM-Bus version, the adapters can communicate with the BSI SMGW (in accordance with the OMS® specification).

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Use cases

Practical examples are used here to show how our solutions are used successfully.

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