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What is Thread?

Thread is an open standard for wireless communication. With its native IPv6-based mesh networking protocol it is perfect suitable for smart home and smart building applications. Based on low-power IEEE 802.15.4 chipsets Thread offers a secured IP-based mesh network solution with sleepy nodes.

The THREAD-Group is a union of several technical companies who are responsible for the formation in the market, the Thread network protocol and certification of Thread based products. Find more information at


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Radio Modules
Thread & BLE




Dual-Mode-Modul with Thread & BLE

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Development Kits available
The easy way to start your connection

Development Kits radio modules
The development kits for our radio modules are an easy and fast way to start with the testing and development. It is purposed to have an easy access to all connections of the modules. Find further information on the respective sites of the modules.
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