PHOENIX-W is a low cost wireless RF Module , based on S2 LP and a STM32L051 controller in the frequency range 868MHz and an output power up to +16 dBm . The module offers compact design, has a very low current consumption and is ideally suitable for battery driven applications.

PHOENIX-W is also PIN compatible to Maia and is delivered with OMS software stack (OMS 3.x or OMS 4.2 specification).

We are ready to support you with the integration of the module into your application and the appropriate antenna design with antenna simulation, development and measurement.

The module is suitable for a wide range of metering applications, both on the meter and on teh receiver side. Meters can be made OMS-capable in a very short time or gateways can be enabled to receive OMS-capable systems.

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  • Small footprint: 14,5 mm x 14,5 mm
  • Output power: up to +16 dBm
  • 32-bit MCU ARM® Cortex® M0+ Controller
  • MCU frequency up to 32 MHz
  • Ideally suitable for battery driven applications
  • Ultra-low-power: Rx= Typ. 7,2 mA; Tx= Typ. 20 mA
  • 64 KB flash-memory



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