MUNIA belongs to the family of finches and is a small sociable bird with different expressions in plumage and vocalization.

The mioty® humidity and temperature sensor MUNIA-M delivers reliable measurement data. In this way, the humidity and room temperature can be monitored wirelessly at any time. The housing can be easily mounted on the wall. The transmission interval can be set at the factory or on site using the contact pads. The battery life can be up to 10 years.

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  • Typical measuring accuracy humidity:
    • C: ± 2% in the range of 20-80%
  • Typical measuring accuracy temperature:
    • RH: ± 0,3°C in the range of -10°C up to 55°C
  • Measured values are specified in 0,1% and 0,1°C interval
  • Easy mounting with mounting plate and clip-on-cover
  • Transmission interval is configurable through contact pads
  • Hardwired lithium batteries
  • Battery lifetime up to 10 years


mioty® sample kit
mioty® Gateway & mioty® Sensors

AVA Musterkoffer

Enquire our sample kit for your tests!

The sample kit contains:

  • 1 mioty® Gateway AVA (incl. web interface/dashboard)
  • 1 mioty® indoor temperature and humidity sensor MUNIA-M
  • 1 mioty® outdoor temperature and humditiy sensor ROBIN-M

The sample kit is a perfect solution for testing the possibilities of the technology mioty®.


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