WEPTECH is part of a steadily growing network of partners and engages in interest groups with the aim of advancing the latest technologies and offering future-oriented services and products. These collaborations enable the realization of complex projects and create profitable symbioses for all parties.

Mioty Alliance

WEPTECH elektronik is convinced of the new mioty® technology and sees great potential for this type of robust IoT connection. For these reasons, WEPTECH has joined the mioty alliance and offers the radio modules PHOENIX-M and COUA-M as well as the sensors MUNIA-M and ROBIN-M with mioty® stack. Furthermore, mioty®-interested companies can benefit from WEPTECH's expertise in the field of electronics development and production and thus keep the "time to market" low.



We are a franchise partner of Arrow and are part of Arrow's partner program since 2017. With the expertise of Arrow and our services, products and production capacities, we support our customers in the development of solutions in IoT and Industrie 4.0.

A first product of the cooperation is the new THREAD & BLE Fun Module SPARROW, which uses the NXP stack for thread and BLE and forms a wireless mesh network on an IPv6-based protocol.


Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom and WEPTECH have been working together for several years in the areas of OMS/Smart Metering and Mobile/NB-IoT. Among other things, we have developed an adapter for smart meter energy billing systems in South Africa and produced in small series and developed and manufactured a communication unit in an e-bike project. WEPTECH has been a listed supplier of Deutsche Telekom for 3 years. In addition, there are currently further developments for DT AG in the area of IoT and Industry 4.0.


EBV - Elektronik

In partnership with EBV, WEPTECH elektronik has implemented the wireless M-Bus OMS radio module MAIA and the 6LoWPAN module Janus. The development and production takes place at WEPTECH, the distribution and marketing largely takes over EBV.



For several years, WEPTECH has been working closely with the global semiconductor company STMicroelectronics. For our hardware solutions, we regularly use ST controllers, RF-transceiver and low power products from the broad ST product portfolio.



WEPTECH elektronik used the SARA N2 series from u-blox to realize the NB1 gateway SWAN.



As a member of the Fachverband Elektronik-Design (FED) e.V., we work strictly according to IPC guidelines and thus contribute significantly to the competitiveness of our customers. Weptech gave a speech on the topic of "Wireless Connectivity & IoT Industry 4.0 - The New Challenges and Opportunities for the EMS Provider" on the 25th FED anniversary.



The Sparrow radio modules for THREAD & BLE are the result of the cooperation with NXP based on their chip family KWxZ, whereby the software stacks of NXP are implemented on our hardware.


OMS Group

We are members of the OMS Group and the OMS Group Executive Board. The Open Metering System Group is an interest group of associations (FIGAWA and KNX) as well as companies that want to drive the open, vendor independent standard for communication interfaces and basic requirements for devices.



Telit has joined WEPTECH as a Technical Competence Center Partner. The introduction as a new TTCCP forms the basis for the expansion of an intensive business relationship, which opens up further possibilities for the fulfillment of the requirements of our customers in various radio technologies.


Texas Instruments

We are part of the TI Design Network and work with Texas Instrumens in the field of radio technology on the basis of various chip sets.



We are listed NB-IoT partner of Vodafone. Vodafone is a driving force in spreading the NB-IoT standards for mobile communications and supports its customers with selected partners in developing solutions based on the LPWAN technology of the future. The field trial carried out by Aguas de Valencia in the district of Moncada for the transmission of water meters by LTE Cat-NB1 standard is a successful product of our partnership.



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