WEPTECH & Kamstrup develop NB IoT interface for water meters

NB IoT/ Cat.NB1 is the answer of the telecommunication companies to LoRa and SigFox now. This technology is still being developed. Network providers and companies like Ericson, Huawei, Nokia, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone stand behind this approach. In this concept, the existing network infrastructure is used to provide a wireless technology that offers a wide coverage, is cost-efficient and requires only a small amount of energy. Additional tests have shown, the technology fits smart meter applications and the data troughout is sufficient.

WEPTECH developed, in cooperation with Kamstrup, a NB IoT interface, which enables the wireless communication of the meter. For a first pilot-project, a complete OMS-NB IoT adapter was needed, with which the water meter communicates. First close-to-production samples will be set up soon. Cat.NB1 is currently in the pilot phase and has yet to prove all technical parameters. Also the network provider will have to upgrade their base stations to provide a working infrastructure.

Find out more about Cat.NB1 and its impact on the smart meter market. At the congress at electronica in Munich WEPTECHs Sales Manager, Wolfgang Esch will give a speech about the current exciting cooperation project.

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