WEPTECH invests in the modernization of its electronics manufacturing

scalable printer platform SERIO 4000 Compact

Highest quality standards for electronic parts

WEPTECH elektronik attaches great importance to modern development and production processes in order to provide its customers with consistently good product quality and innovative solutions. Based in Landau, Germany, the company is specialized in the development and manufacture of electronic assemblies.

In the SMT area, the new, scalable printer platform SERIO 4000 Compact covers a wide range of applications and is dynamically scalable. Thus, it is possible to equip the printer with the particular options and features and adapt it to the different solder pads. In addition, an optical check is carried out to determine whether there is enough solder paste. Extensions can be made at any time, so that an adaptation can be flexibly carried out according to customer requirements.

With the acquisition of the selective soldering line CUBE.460, the best conditions for the processing of high-quality products were created within THT production. By two separate soldering modules, a considerable increase in the throughput of soldering applications is achieved. "User-friendly programming, coupled with optimized conditions for the circuit board design, allows us to precisely meet the individual requirements of our customers," adds Uwe Schepanski, machine operator THT.

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