WEPTECH elektronik is now an affiliate member of the Thread Group. This offers new possibilities in programming THREAD-specific product software.

Sparrow is WEPTECHs first THREAD & BLE radio module. It is supported by NXP‘s Kinetis SDK, which contains various operating systems, device drivers, middleware, as well as stacks for BLE, Thread.  The Thread stack is certified by the Thread Group. It allows the creation of IPv6 based mesh networks with up to 250 nodes. Communications are DTLS-encrypted by default. The BLE stack also supports mesh networking, IPv6 via BLE and concurrent operation with the Thread stack.

In addition WEPTECH has signed a franchise agreement for the distribution of THREAD & BLE radio module Sparrow with the distributor Arrow.


About the THREAD Group:

The THREAD Group is a consortium of technology companies with the aim of promoting the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the third and most recent standardization group pursuing this goal. Members are Samsung, ARM, Nestlabs, Freescale, Sillicon Labs and Yale Security. The THREAD Group stands for an open standards-based IPv6 protocol for wireless networks. Thread networks are easy to install, highly secure and scalable to hundreds of devices. For more information have a look at the website of the Thread Group.

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