WEPTECH elektronik and KSB develop smart solution for pump monitoring

Intention: Why and for whom was KSB Guard designed?

KSB Guard was developed to make the advantages of progressive digitization usable for plant operators and to benefit from them. The innovative monitoring unit offers a complete overview of the machines condition. Based on specific measurement data, maintenance measures can be planned and the availability of the plant can be increased, in short, operating costs can be decreased. Via the KSB Guard web portal or the KSB Guard app, the user has access to the vibration and temperature data, the operating hours, the load profile, the maintenance history and the documentation of a pump or an entire plant anywhere and anytime.

Distribution of tasks: How did WEPTECH elektronik contribute in the development process?

On behalf of KSB, WEPTECH developed the safety-relevant radio communication protocol and other important parts of the firmware that are used to control the timing and battery consumption of KSB Guard. In addition, the entire hardware was developed by WEPTECH elektronik in accordance with KSB specifications. WEPTECHs existing expertise in the field of radio communication (both in the area of hardware and firmware) was an important pillar on which the project could build upon and which made it possible to launch the new product on the market within a short time. Today WEPTECH continues to be the hardware supplier for KSB Guard.

A success story: KSB Guard secures compressed air supply in the Kalle-Albert industrial park

InfraServ Wiesbaden ensures the compressed air supply in the Kalle-Albert industrial park. A technical requirement for numerous production plants is the reliable supply of compressed air, which is used for the mechanical control of large production plants. The loss of the compressed air flow would have serious consequences – reason enough to recognize emerging changes in the status data and errors before they actually occur.

In October 2019, a deviation from normal operation was reported on one of the pumps. After KSB Guard had detected high vibrations, InfraServ Wiesbaden was automatically informed by a warning. Thanks to KSB Guard, the subsidiary ISW-Technik (www.isw-technik.de) was able to detect an imminent bearing damage at an early stage. ISW-Technik initiated a repair process in its own workshop at a non-critical time. In this way, a spontaneous failure of the system, including unscheduled downtime and extensive operational damage could be prevented in time.

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