WEPTECH develops and manufactures a smart Energy Metering box in cooperation with T-Systems

More efficiency thanks to IoT and the CTI Energy Metering box from Polygonvatro

Water damage can have many causes, e.g. Floods, heavy rain, burst pipes, etc. In the event of such damage, fast help is required. This is what Polygonvatro specializes in. After the damage has been reduced, the drying process starts with the help of drying devices. The CTI Energy Metering box was developed in order to be able to document reliably the power consumption of these devices and to receive exact data for billing with insurance companies. This minimizes the logistical effort for device and energy management on construction sites and the high susceptibility to errors due to manual recording of energy data.

Together with T-Systems, WEPTECH elektronik developed the electronics for the CTI Energy Metering box in record time and manufactures them at their headquarter in Landau. Thanks to the existing radio and manufacturing expertise from Weptech, this project could be realized quickly and efficiently.

The CTI Energy Metering Box has a type examination certificate and is therefore approved for the collection of relevant data for energy billing.

You can see the advantages of the PV-E-Box summarized in the video:








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