WEPTECH is a member of Mioty Alliance

Mioty-capable products & system integration from a single source

MIOTY® is a standardized software-based connectivity solution for building massive, secure and powerful Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), for large-scale industrial and commercial IoT applications. For more information visite the website of Fraunhofer IIS.

WEPTECH elektronik is convinced of the new Mioty technology and sees great potential for this type of robust IoT connection. For these reasons, WEPTECH has joined the Mioty Alliance and offers the radio modules PHOENIX-M and COUA-M as well as the sensors MUNIA-M and ROBIN-M with Mioty stack. Furthermore, Mioty-interested companies can benefit from WEPTECH's expertise in the field of electronics development and production and thus keep the "time to market" low.

In the past, WEPTECH, as a member of the OMS Group, worked on the successful introduction of a new technology and was able to support well-known companies with its services and products. In addition, WEPTECH established itself as a strong partner for hardware and software solutions, system integration and antenna design from a single source. With the help of this know-how and the possibilities of Mioty technology, we see new and exciting approaches coming.

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