WEPTECH and Corscience make their contribution during the Corona crisis

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, additional medical equipment is urgently required, especially ventilators.

WEPTECH meets the high standards of medical technology and manufactures accessory components for the production of ventilators. These are specially developed designs that have to be manufactured under strict regulatory standards.

Building on their long experience with transport and emergency ventilation and the resulting technology, the company Corscience, based in Erlangen, develops and produces ventilation solutions for a wide range of applications. For each area, it applies that in addition to the ventilation performance and the ventilation modes, the intuitive operation of the devices, the mechanical robustness and the connectivity to other systems play a major role. The correct interaction of these aspects in a ventilator can optimize the result for users and patients. For more information, go to www.corscience.com.

"In cooperation with Corscience, we would like to make our contribution and manufacture the medical technology components that are necessary for the production of the urgently needed ventilators." says Wolfgang Esch, Head of Marketing & Sales at WEPTECH elektronik GmbH.

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