There's finally space again at the Ostring

Since last weekend, the majority of our company is now located in the Maria-Goeppert-Mayer-Straße in Landau. The administrative departments, human resources, IT department and management have now also moved into their workplaces at the new location. Thus, the majority of the company's employees and departments are now located in the new building. There was a cheerful atmosphere of departure, since weeks packing and labeling was done and the hard-working helpers of Hoffmann Möbeltransport Spedition GmbH and the electricians of company Avril have been busy packing next to our employees in temperatures above 30 degrees. While packing, one or the other melancholy could be felt, as many employees had been working at the Ostring for decades. WEPTECH has been producing and engineering here in Landau's city center for 25 years and parts of it will remain so for some time in the future.

New plants also need new employees, both in the office and in the production areas. Currently, we are looking for support in the areas of administration, reception, work preparation and production. However, we prefer initiative applications in which people write what job they would like to do. We simply have too many options to list them all here. We look forward to receiving your application!

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