The factory from a different point of view

Our new plant is mostly photographed and shown from the highway (east side) or from above. Our striking location should ensure a high recognition value in the pictures, so that we can be found and reached quickly, especially during the construction phase. Until now, few people have seen the "back side", which idyllically borders on the Birnbach. This is now the view when colleagues come to work by bicycle in the future. The location is not only directly at the highway exit Landau-Mitte, but also has direct access to the connecting bike path between the new industrial area and Landau-Mörlheim. Here, too, directly on the "highway" and along the course of the stream. From the cycle path, cyclists directly access the parking lot at the logistics hall.

If you approach from the south by bike, you have a wonderful view from a distance across the flowering meadows to our production halls and the upper floors of the office building. Our workplace is located in the middle of the greenery at the edge of the beautiful Haardt, which can be recognized in the contours in the background.

If you like cycling to work and riding through green, blooming landscapes then send your application and join the team.

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