Most of the equipment has now been moved

This week we have reached the point where there are more machines, people and material in our new plant than at the old location. We now have three SMT production lines, X-ray and AOI systems, laser markers, etc. and a wave soldering system on site at the new facility. In addition, we have a large number of OI, THT and other benchtop workstations as well as two assembly areas for our high quality, specialized wireless products for reading and digitizing meters. The warehouse is increasingly filling up and our many decentralized storage areas are being consolidated in the new plant. Every day, you can see how comfortable the employees feel in the new air-conditioned and spacious work areas. We do not want to conceal the fact that there are still one or two unplanned situations and "surprises" to be overcome, and that this does not always go smoothly, but the joy at the new "WEPTECH" prevails. Every day the processes are getting better and with this drive we are now starting to catch up in order to supply our waiting customers quickly.
Our new plant also has plenty of room for new employees. You can find our job postings here.

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