mioty® sets new standards in the field of wireless data transmission

As a next generation technology, the protocol overcomes the limitations of other LPWAN solutions. The IoT sensor network developed by Fraunhofer IIS impresses with its robustness and reliable data transmission with low power consumption and long range. With the help of an asymmetrical transmission process, many sensors and a receiver, a network can be implemented that enables the use in many areas of application. Plant security or meter reading can be done conveniently from great distances.


conventionel data transmission


Industrial IoT, Smart City or logistics - mioty® enables lowest packet error rates, even in a crowded frequency spectrum. That makes it the most robust connectivity solution on the market right now. By means of telegram splitting, the data packets to be transported in the data stream are divided into small subpackets at the sensor level and transmitted over different frequencies and different times. Using an algorithm, the recipient constantly searches for these mioty® sub-packages and combines them into a complete message.


Telegram Splitting


WEPTECH has been a full member of the mioty alliance since 2020 and is involved in various committees of the alliance.

Statement Wolfgang Esch, Head of Marketing and Sales at WEPTECH elektronik GmbH: “The reliability and unsurpassed robustness of mioty® against interferers improves the creation of networks in times of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. With this technology, we now have a system with which we are able to meet the growing need for wireless connectivity projects in the future. We look forward to introducing many new mioty®-based products and solutions in 2021. "


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