Law to relaunch the digitalization of the energy transition

On 11.01.2023, the draft law of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) to relaunch the digitalization of the energy transition was passed by the Federal Cabinet. The draft law is intended to advance the smart meter rollout as an important requirement for accelerating the energy transition.

Smart meters - in conjunction with the BSI Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) - are the central components in the implementation of a digitalized energy system, especially with regard to the intelligent linking of electricity generation and consumption.

The aim of the draft law is to reduce bureaucracy and accelerate the smart meter rollout in the long term. In order for this to succeed, a legally fixed roadmap with binding targets and a defined period (target year 2030) is to be established.

The following measures are planned:

The current market declaration prescribed by the BSI (3-manufacturer rule for BSI-certified smart meter gateways) should be omitted in future. In addition, an "agile" rollout is to be made possible. In practice, this means that metering point operators can immediately install certified smart meter gateways for the transmission of electricity metering data and that further functions (such as control and switching) may only be provided at a later date via corresponding function updates.

Other points of the draft include cost savings for consumers. In future, they should pay no more than 20 euros/year for a smart meter. Furthermore, energy suppliers are to offer dynamic tariffs in the future. With these measures, the BMWK associates increased consumer acceptance as well as the willingness and motivation to optimize the consumption of energy resources over time.

The smart meter gateway is to be installed at the grid connection point as a secure, standardized communication platform. In addition to energy consumption, other consumers (gas, water, heat) and producers (photovoltaics) are to be "bundled" in a cost-optimized manner via various interfaces (e.g. LMN, CLS).

In order to accelerate the rollout of the smart meter gateway, the draft bill provides for the simplification of the secure supply chain (SiLKe) prescribed by the BSI via "mass business" postal shipping.

This draft law is intended to additionally support the function of the smart meter gateway as a secure and standardized communication platform for the successful implementation of the energy transition and to significantly accelerate the rollout with regard to the time requirements.

 "As the manufacturer of the BSI Smart Meter Gateway for our customer PPC - Power Plus Communication - Mannheim, we welcome and support - in terms of a successful implementation of the energy transition - the present draft law.” says Wolfgang Esch (Head of Sales & Marketing at WEPTECH elektronik).

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