KENTIX and WEPTECH – a perfect collaboration in the fight against COVID-19

For what reason was the SmartXcan developed?

Fever is considered one of the main symptoms of infectious diseases. Both influenza ("the flu") and COVID-19 typically cause fever. The risk of infection is much higher indoors, so early detection of infectious individuals is of particular importance in terms of the likelihood of transmission. With the help of the SmartXcan fever scanner from KENTIX, the contactless, safe and fast measurement of body temperature can be performed. This is an international standard that regulates the essential performance characteristics of medical thermometers for the screening of people for fever. In less than a second, the exact body temperature can be determined thanks to innovative thermal imaging sensors and deep learning AI algorithms. The operation is intuitive and self-explanatory, the results reliable and accurate. Independent tests of the IPVM portal ( have confirmed a measurement accuracy of 0.3 °C. Since the measurement can be performed without contact, there is no need to disinfect handles or keys. This saves time and money and makes the measurement safe for the user. A DSGVO-compliant operation is also possible without any problems, as no personal data is stored.

How did WEPTECH elektronik contribute in the development process?

WEPTECH was commissioned by KENTIX to manufacture the SmartXcan board and sensor. Due to the current pandemic, there was an increased urgency to manufacture the important hardware. WEPTECH was able to implement the production planning and supply KENTIX with boards and sensors within shortest time. "Whoever wants to operate on the market as a dynamic and reliable EMS service provider must not only meet high quality standards but also a high degree of flexibility in order to fully satisfy the needs of their customers" says Wolfgang Esch, Head of Sales and Marketing at WEPTECH.

Success in several industries

The immediate hardware manufacturing and resulting rapid delivery of SmartXcan fever scanners has enabled a wide range of companies and institutions to effectively contain the spread of viral diseases. SmartXcan is successfully used thousands of times in more than 40 countries worldwide for early detection of virus hot spots and protection of employees, customers and visitors.

Here is a small selection of companies, hospitals, daycare centers, schools and institutions that use the SmartXcan:

  • the U.S. food and agricultural group ADM, which also includes the German ADM WILD with its well-known Capri-Sun brand,
  • the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli,
  • the Greek hospital "General Hospital of Kos", where even the Greek Minister of Health personally tested the SmartXcan during his visit,
  • the EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG,
  • the Dutch semiconductor manufacturer NXP,
  • the Caritas nursing homes in Krefeld,
  • the German logistics service provider Produktservice Erdt GmbH from Viernheim,
  • the Kunterbunt day care center in Simmertal, Rhineland-Palatinate,
  • The Schmallenbach House Senior Citizens' Center in Fröndenberg near Dortmund, whose, protective measures using the SmartXcan were also reported on by ZDF in its Frontal 21 program
  • the Nahe-Hunsrück workshops of the Lebenshilfe Obere Nahe,
  • the catholic day care center St. Peter and Paul in Idar-Oberstein
  • the senior citizens' center Am Köngisfloß in Wiesbaden,
  • the vocational school center in Wiesau,
  • and many more.

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