It's time to fly!

In 1994, WEPTECH elektronik GmbH was founded in the beautiful region „Pfalz“. Within 10 years, a successful EMS company was established.

The time had come to “fledge”. With the expansion of a development department with a focus on radio technology and joining the OMS group, the opportunity to develop and manufacture its own products was given.

Via air, wireless, in various ways able to connect and communicate with others – the association with the bird world is quickly suggested and since the naming of our product family has now been completed, we are very pleased to present you the WEPTECH birds.

Please feel free to ask us about SAKER, SWAN, SPARROW and all of our other products.

We would like to introduce one of the members a little bit more detailed already:

The SWAN directly links a wireless M-Bus device (e.g. a utility meter) to a user application server by means of the new LTE Cat NB1 narrowband cellular network technology. The gateway can easily be configured and paired with a wM-Bus device by connecting a common terminal program to the USB service port.

SWAN is available in versions for LTE band 5, 8 and 20 respectively. Both the Huawei/Neul-IoT and UDP protocols are supported.

You can find the corresponding data sheet and further information on our product site.

In 1994, WEPTECH elektronik GmbH was founded

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