Even if we move, the material has to be in the right place at the right time...

We were able to keep downtime short for restarting our lines in the new plant because we had exactly the production material we needed in stock at the old location until the last shift and started up in the new plant with material provided "just-in-time".
Even before the machine move, work began on moving the material needed for production to the new plant shelf by shelf. In addition to packing, transporting and re-stocking, moving also means the corresponding recording and "digital" shifting of all components, pcbs and packaging materials into the new storage locations. Hundreds of meters of shelving and several truckloads of material boxes have been moved from the Ostring to the industrial area in recent weeks. Carefully packed and numbered. Everything was done parallel to the running production and synchronously to the relocation of the laser markers, assemblers and soldering machines with THT assembly stations. All orchestrated by Helga and Karin and their respective supporters.

The photos impressively show what part logistics services play in modern production facilities nowadays in order to process material efficiently and directly to manufacturing and production. In the coming months, we will use the new possibilities in our plant to further optimize processes and continuously improve our performance.

If you too want to help shape the new production worlds of WEPTECH, then apply now.

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