Energy optimization via radio sensors

NODA Intelligent Systems` know how in Smart Heat Solutions and WEPTECH elektronik`s wireless M-Bus OMS humidity- & temperature sensors provide future-oriented energy systems

NODA Intelligent Systems

Cologne, Germany, June 2015 – NODA Intelligent Systems created a system to save energy in buildings as well as optimize heat load levels on a network level. Most of the heating systems work with just a single outdoor sensor, what provides a simple system, which neglects a lot of input actually influencing the thermal behavior of the building. That is why NODA uses WEPTECHs wireless humidity- & temperature sensors, in order to also receive data of the indoor temperature. The collected data from different building sources, combined with an energy balance model to continuously forecast the impact of different control strategies provide a sufficient approximation of the indoor temperature behavior. This Intelligent Energy System is able to reduce the energy usage by 10 % and opens thereby a range of new possibilities in managing our use of energy – a system where WEPTECH wireless products can provide optimal support.

About NODA Intelligent Systems

NODA Intelligent Systems, with its background in data science, was founded in 2005. The headquarters is situated in NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden. With over 1.000 buildings connected we are one of the leaders in this area. Main owners are the Swedish Sixth AP fund, Sparbankens Näringslivsfond and the founders. NODA's offering combines the need of energy optimization on the system side Smart Heat Grid, with the need for services of energy efficiency in buildings Smart Heat Building.

About WEPTECH elektronik

Since 1994, WEPTECH elektronik GmbH has been known for the development, manufacturing and testing of high-quality electronics. After growing constantly, WEPTECH now offers a manufacturing area of 3500 square meters in the middle of Landau, Germany. WEPTECH possesses detailed expertise in the fields of wireless technologies and also offers their own wireless products.

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