Conversion in record time

Integration of new machines in WEPTECH´s SMT lines successfully implemented

In order to meet the tight schedule for setting up the new machines in the two existing SMT lines, exact timing and precise coordination were required.

Two new JUKI RS-1R were integrated in SMT line 2. The JUKI 3010 and JUKI 3020, prevoiusly used in SMT line 2, replace JUKI 2080 of SMT line 1. In addition, WEPTECH´s production department was expanded to include a new laser marker.

The new machines were delivered last week, on November 25th, 2021, so that the integration could take place over the weekend. From Today, Monday, November 29th, 2021, production is running again without restrictions, faster than expected.

Thanks to the high level of commitment of all those involved and the precise coordination, the technical and time-related challenges of this renovation were successfully mastered. The use of the new machines ensures faster throughput times and shorter delivery times for WEPTECH customers.

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