CRANE serves as a repeater for any wM-Bus device according to EN 13757-4. With the help of the repeater, it is possible to increase the range of wM-Bus devices. The forwarding of the telegrams from devices (e.g. meters) takes place permanently, which means no caching takes place.

Telegrams with regard to the status of the repeater are sent within a settable time interval of 0 - 15 minutes. According to the OMS specification, only one hop is allowed between wM-Bus devices and a gateway. The repeater supports the modes S, T and C and can receive in one mode and forward in another mode.

The legally prescribed duty cycle in the 868 MHz frequency range is checked by the repeater and independently maintained. The number of wM-Bus devices and the transmission frequency per hour determines the Duty-Cycle. If it is exhausted, further telegrams received in this hour are rejected and not saved.

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  • Wireless M-Bus EN13757-4:2013 standard
  • C-, S- and T-mode
  • Duty-Cycle in frequency range 868 MHz
  • Weight < 150g
  • Communication and configuration via NFC
  • Firmware update via NFC
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Ideal for smart metering applications



For full detailed information download our latest datasheet.

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