SWAN is the largest of all the ducks and usually stays with his partner all his life.

The SWAN 2 is a wall or pole mounted, battery operated gateway and directly links up to 100 wireless M Bus devices to the cellular network using the new LTE Cat NB1 technology and additionally/optionally supports the wired interfaces L Bus, RS 485 or 2x Pulse.

Provisioning takes place using a NFC interface, thus allowing to use your smart phone during installation. The same holds for the process of firmware update. In addition, remote configuration can be performed over NB1 at any time.

The OMS 3.x and 4.x compliant wireless M-Bus interface operates at 868 or 915 MHz and supports mode S, T and C, frame formats A and B.

The gateway is available in two versions, one for LTE band 3, 5, 8, 20 and one for band 28. The following protocols are supported: UDP, CoAP, LwM2M , MQTT SN, D TLS.

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  • 3GPP licensed technology
  • Weight < 400 g
  • Ideal for Smart Metering
  • Low power consumption
  • wM-Bus mode S, T and C
  • Deep penetration
  • 868 MHz or 915 MHz
  • OMS 3.x and 4.x compliant
  • Firmware update via NFC or FOTA
  • Parameter setting via NFC

Samples for Testing
including IoT-Platform Access

SWAN2 Musterkoffer

Test our SWAN2 gateway for 4 weeks for free!


If you are interested, we will send you a sample case with our SWAN2 gateway and our temperature and humidity sensors MUNIA & ROBIN for your testing.

In collaboration with our partners we are able to provide you an access to an IoT-platform. Depending on your application and needs the platform offers different tools such as a device management, the visualization of your data or forwarding your data.



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You can download the latest datasheet here.


You can download the manual here. Ask for password.

Manuals devices sample case

ZIP folder with manuals from MUNIA, ROBIN and SWAN 2 for download. You can get the password here.


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