Our year in review 2022

After a very good start to the year, the chip crisis hit us especially hard, due to high material and personnel expenses. The safety stockpile that we had built was quickly used up due to the increasing production volume, so that from June to September we were no longer able to process as many orders due to missing parts and instead had to work shorter hours. We then made many joint efforts to secure and finance material, achieved a few partial successes and unexpectedly significantly exceeded the sales of the previous year under the most adverse conditions.

Despite short-time work, we have further increased our production capacity by investing in new production facilities and recruiting new employees due to the very high order backlog.

After a turnaround in the chip market became apparent in October, we immediately resumed full production operations. However, availability and stagnant supply chains in some areas will continue to influence us in 2023.

We presented our developments at the Metering Days in Fulda, the electronica in Munich and the Enlit in Frankfurt with an extraordinary response. Based on mioty®, we were also able to successfully test a wireless sensor network at Munich Airport with Fraunhofer IIS and start a project for remote reading of gas meters in Vienna with Diehl Metering. We worked together with Deutsche Telekom on connecting things via mobile communications and the Cloud of Things. On a permanent basis, we are contributing to the establishment and dissemination of new standards in the energy and water industries through our active involvement in the OMS Group and the mioty-alliance.

The global bottlenecks also had an impact on our new building, which we will now move into in the second quarter of the new year. Until then, we wish you a few relaxing days to end 2022 and a good start to a hopefully less turbulent 2023.


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