COUA is a magnificent omnivore whose habitat is in forests.

The module is a single embedded ultralow power and cost-effective Sub-1-GHz radio module.

With 5,5 mA, the module stands out due to a very low current consumption of its receiver. The radio module is supported by the open source operating platform Contiki. Applications can be easily integrated in the processor on the stack. All of the IOs available are routed to the outside, so that various sensors and actuators can easily be realized. The WEPTECH 6LoWPAN Gateway , which also uses this free operating system, can perform as a receiver for transferring data to a server.

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  • Software & hardware development
  • Carrier board design
  • Assembly (Prototype to Series)
  • Antenna technology
  • Certification

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  • Tall package size: higher storage capacity
  • Small size for SMD mounting
  • 1.8 – 3.8 V supply voltage
  • Ultra low power modes: - RX: 5.5mA
  • Sleep-Mode: 185nA


  • Output power:+14dBm
  • Powerful ARM Cortex-M3
  • 128kB Flash/ 20KB SRAM
  • All Digital Peripheral Pins can be routed to any GPIO
  • Supported by the open source platform Contiki/ 6LoWPAN







The Coua’s firmware was developed with Contiki, the Open Source operating system for the internet of things. You can find our own fork of Contiki, which contains the complete source code for the border router firmware, the platform code to support your own applications on the Saker, and an extensive instruction manual, at:

WEPTECH fork of Contiki

That repository also contains a separate branch, “coua-example-peripherals”, which shows how to adapt the platform code once you connect the Coua to additional hardware.

What else can we do for you?

We support you integrate our radio module into your application:

  • Software & hardware development
    Because quality is already starting with design, we offer you individual software and production-optimized circuit board design, so that you have a solid start with your product.
  • Carrier board design
    Do you already have a suitable carrier board as the basis for our radio module?
  • Assembly (Prototype to Series)
    Are you still looking for a reliable EMS partner for the electronics manufacturing of your product?
  • Antenna technology
    You are looking for a professional who optimizes the wireless range of your product?
  • Certification
    We also advise and support you in the certification of your radio products.

We can help.

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