SAKER is a large hawk whose wingspan can reach up to 129 centimeters.

The 6LoWPAN IoT gateway functions as a border router in a 6LoWPAN network, connecting a wireless IPv6 network to the Internet. The use of NAT64 allows to address IPv4 servers from any 6LoWPAN node. Therefore, e.g. sensor data from the radio network can be transmitted to servers located anywhere in the internet. In addition to the 2.4GHz radio interface , an extra sub - GHz transceiver (CC1200) also allows the use in the frequency band 868 or 915MHz. The connection to the Internet takes place via a 10BASE-T Ethernet interface, implemented using a Microchip Ethernet Controller (ENC28J60). The software for this platform is based on the open source operating system “Contiki” and is available on Github. The gateway is available in a version without casing for development purposes.

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  • Powerful Microcontroller with AES und SHA Encryption Engine with 512kB Flash, 32kB RAM
  • Dual-band Operation: 2.4 GHz or 868/915MHz
  • Table-top/ Wall-Mount Enclosure
  • Internal Antennas (U.FL optional)
  • 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Serial Interface and Firmware-Update via USB
  • Perfect as a Development Platform
  • „Plug-and-Play“ NAT64
  • Source Code available for Download
  • Power Supply via USB Micro Connector (5V)



For further details and technical specifications please refer to the datasheet and the manual.




The Saker’s firmware was developed with Contiki, the Open Source operating system for the internet of things. You can find our own fork of Contiki, which contains the complete source code for the border router firmware, the platform code to support your own applications on the Saker, and an extensive instruction manual, at:


WEPTECH fork of Contiki



6LoWPAN Gateway plus IBM IoT Foundation give instant SensorTag Gratification